Low Temperature Pyrolysis Polygeneration Carbonization System

Fuel performance/H:500kw/h,1500kw/h,4000kw/h
Annual treatment:750tons/year,2300tons/year,11250tons/year
Annual biochar:220tons/year,680tons/year,3750tons/year

Product Description

System Flow Chart

Parameter Table of  PyrolysisPolygeneration Carbonization System

Name HQ-BC100 HQ-BC300 HQ-BC500
Size L9000 L12000 L12000*3
B2300 B2300 B2300
H5800 H5800 H5800
Fuel performance/H 500kw/h 1500kw/h 4000kw/h
Annual treatment 750tons/year 2300tons/year 11250tons/year
Annual biochar 220tons/year 680tons/year 3750tons/year
Heat output 150kw/H 600kw/H 1500kw/H
Annual working hours 7500H 7500H 7500H


Advantages of Haiqi carbonization equipment
1.Haiqi carbonization system can convert carbon-containing waste into high value-added products,
2.Carbonization can reduce the amount of waste by more than 90%.
3.Organic waste is upgraded to high value-added biochar
4.Biomass raw materials are highly inclusive
5.Container type, no foundation, no installation, easy to move
6.Modular for maximum flexibility and efficiency
7.The measured emission value is lower than the EU 2019 standard
8.Low maintenance costs and requirements


HQ-BC100 System Diagram

HQ-BC300 System Diagram

HQ-BC500 System Diagram

Applications of Haiqi Biomass Biochar Fertilizer,Feed,Carbon sink
Biochar added in fertilizer benefits 1. It can improve soil carbon and nitrogen ratio
2. Quickly restore soil microecology
3. Inhibit multiple soil-borne diseases
4. Restore soil vitality
5. Prevent soil compaction
6. Improve plant disease resistance and drought resistance
7. Can be mixed with multiple fertilizers and medicines
8. It significantly increases agricultural yield, and when mixed with soil, biochar can act as a catalyst for soil metabolism, which not only improves soil fertility, but also stores nutrients and water, growth of mycorrhizal fungi, and pH of acidic soil. Soil Fertility Most importantly, it is a one-time permanent soil amendment, especially in degraded soils.
Benefits of adding Biochar to feed: 1.Biomass black carbon has a high adsorption capacity and can effectively help remove pollutants and toxins from animal bodies as well as the farm environment.
2. Pure natural formula, no chemical additives, heavy metals and antibiotics, biomass black carbon, containing oligomeric chitosan, with good water solubility, storage nutrients and moisture.
3.Animal natural nutritional products, promote fat growth, increase weight and save materials; strengthen the body to resist disease, improve immunity; reduce disability and detoxification, improve meat quality; remove odor and purify the environment.
Environmental benefits of biochar 1. Biochar can sustainably remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants convert carbon dioxide in the air into organic matter or biomass through photosynthesis, and carbon dioxide captured in biological residues is converted into solids through pyrolysis technology to combat global warming.
2. Biochar can resist the greenhouse effect, absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful substances from the atmosphere into the soil, and store it for hundreds to thousands of years, helping to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.
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