Hunan Jinzhong Contract Energy Company Purchase A 6-Ton Biomass Wood Chip Burner

DATE: 21-06-29
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Just after the New Year’s Day holiday in 2021, the staff of our old partner Hunan Jinzhong Contract Energy Company called and said that they would immediately purchase a 6-ton biomass wood chip burner to connect to a 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler and use template fuel. The highest burn is 9 kg. This is how our cooperators act vigorously and simply when they receive notifications to arrange for urgent production. Due to the heavy production tasks near the Spring Festival, our cooperators must strongly support on-time delivery.

Because the company is an energy trustee service-based enterprise, it must complete the transformation and production tasks for users on time, quality and quantity, in order to provide sufficient energy guarantee during the peak period before the year.

The energy company has been using the biomass multifunctional wood chip burner produced by Haiqi for several years. This system is to burn biomass fuel through high-temperature pyrolysis, suspension and semi-gasification, using the principles of radiant heat and convective heat, and three-stage vortex increase Oxygen causes the fuel to be fully combusted with low nitrogen in the furnace, and then the heat is input into the energy-consuming equipment. The system adopts modular assembly, one-person operation, short construction period and quick return on cost. It is very good to use cheap template fuel or at least save more than 30% of fuel cost.