Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Ningbo Biomass Gasifier Project Equipment Production Completed On Schedule

DATE: 21-06-29
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Haiqi Environmental Technology Ningbo Biomass Gasifier Project uses five sets of HQ3000 fixed-bed biomass gasifiers of our company as heat source equipment to connect to a 25-ton SZS gas-fired steam boiler system. It lasted more than two months, and after the efforts of all the workers, the equipment production task was completed on schedule in an orderly and nervous manner.
After communication and communication between our company and the Ningbo team, the project site has undergone preliminary construction, and part of the site has been leveled and hardened, and a batch of project equipment can be stationed. Start the first stage of loading and delivery mode:

After coordination and communication between the teams, the vehicle logistics company is required to cooperate, and the first two vehicles are shipped to the project site on the first day

After communication between the teams, the bicycle was loaded and shipped the next day

Strengthen the leveling and hardening of the project site, and start 4-car burst after comprehensive coordination

Due to the limited space for new construction of the project site, on the one hand, it takes time for the project site to be fully leveled and hardened; on the other hand, the equipment occupies a large area in bulk and needs to make room for assembly equipment; after coordination and communication, it will be loaded and shipped in about a week.
Enter the second stage of loading and delivery
Open the loading and delivery order, two cars will be opened every day

Then start the three-car burst mode on the second day

Arrange for bicycle single issue on the third day

Since there are not many equipment spare parts left, the loading of the vehicle will enter the finishing work, and it is necessary to count the vehicles required for the equipment accounting before arranging the departure matters.
The third stage of loading and delivery
Finishing of equipment loading

So far, the loading and delivery stage has been successfully completed.