Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Ningbo Biomass Gasifier Heat Energy Utilization Project Signed

DATE: 21-06-29
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The Ningbo Tengyi New Energy team invited the Henan Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Team to visit the Ningbo project site.
General Su of Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology led a team to inspect the Ningbo project site and in-depth exploration of the project site. The original heat energy was provided by coal-fired boilers. Under the new situation, the policy requires that coal burning is prohibited, and other electric power, oil and gas cause large costs to the enterprise . Our company designs the new energy layout of biomass gasification according to the facts

Use our five sets of HQ3000 fixed-bed biomass gasifier as the heat source equipment to connect a set of 25-ton SZS gas-fired steam boiler system. The complete system includes: cloth silo, belt feeding system, biomass gasifier system, burner system, steam boiler system, low temperature denitrification system, bag dust removal flue gas treatment system, circulating water system, control system.

The Su team of Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology was invited to inspect the Ningbo project again, and the two parties jointly signed a project agreement.

In the new steam energy project, the daily processing capacity of raw material crushing building template materials is as high as 130t, the daily steam output is more than 400 tons, and the daily output wood carbon is about 20 tons. The total investment of the project is about 15 million yuan. The system’s operating cost is saved through the intelligentization of the system and the low fuel cost. The operating cost is at least 40% lower than that of natural gas energy. The value of steam generated during operation is about 90,000 yuan, and the value of biomass charcoal is about 90,000 yuan. About 20,000 yuan per day, the investment can be recovered after 12 months of operation, which truly creates value for customers.