Fuzhou Xiawan Lvhuan Company Visited Haiqi Environmental Protection To Visit The Biomass Wood Chip Burner

DATE: 21-06-29
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In April 2020, Fuzhou Xiawan Lvhuan Company visited Haiqi Environmental Protection to visit the biomass wood chip burner. Because of the local environmental protection reform, the user was in order to reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness. Finally, after many inspections and comparisons, the company finally selected Haiqi. Qi environmental protection biomass wood chip burner.

This system takes the biomass template fuel through high-temperature pyrolysis, suspension and semi-gasification combustion, using the principle of radiant heat and convection heat, and three-stage vortex oxygenation to make the fuel fully burned in the furnace with low nitrogen and then input the heat into the energy-consuming equipment . The system adopts modular assembly and is operated by one person, and the construction period is short and the cost is quick.

The company used coal-fired hot blast stoves in the kiln drying industry. Now it is ready to use cheap template fuel or save fuel costs by at least 30%. User feedback shows that it is comparable to the cost of coal. Increasing more fuel costs is very satisfied with two birds with one stone, and said that it will gradually transform several other production lines into multi-functional wood chip burners to better improve product competitiveness.