Beijing Zhongneng Nuotai Company Urgently Needed To Find A Reliable Sludge Treatment Equipment Due To A Project To Treat Oily Sludge

DATE: 21-06-29
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In December 2019, Beijing Zhongneng Nuotai Company urgently needed to find a reliable sludge treatment equipment due to a project to treat oily sludge, contacted Haiqi Environmental Protection and learned about the new melting pyrolysis gasification method we developed.

After a preliminary understanding of the processing mode, I felt that it was suitable for their project, and then brought two tons of oil sludge samples and related technical personnel to the Haiqi company to visit the test machine to learn more about the operation of the equipment, and passed the technical inspection of Haiqi environmental protection. After adding a certain proportion of biomass waste, the ideal treatment state is reached and the treatment cost is reasonably controlled. An order contract for the purchase of the HQ-LX vertical rotary melting furnace was immediately signed. After intensive production planning and arrangement, it was finally sent to the customer site before the end of the year.

Haiqi Vertical Rotary Melting Furnace uses the thermal instability of organic matter in oil sludge and heats it under anoxic conditions to cause thermal cracking of the organic matter to form valuable thermal energy and solid residue. The residue is charcoal and sediment crystals. It is a green, no secondary pollution heat treatment technology, low operating cost, no dioxin generation, less flue gas to be treated, no fly ash, and renewable energy.