Application Prospects of Biomass Burners

DATE: 22-05-05

The application and promotion of biomass burners is an important way for the comprehensive utilization of green energy. After years of development, a large number of coal-fired industrial boilers are urgently facing the technological transformation of energy saving and emission reduction, and coal-fired boilers have been completely banned in many areas. Biomass fuel, as a clean, low-carbon (zero carbon dioxide emission), sustainable and renewable environment-friendly green fuel, is the most suitable high-quality fuel for the transformation of coal-fired boilers. This technical renovation can make full use of the original boiler equipment, the fuel cost is much lower than that of fuel oil and gas fuel, the technical renovation period is short, and the operation of workers is basically the same as that of the original boiler, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the boiler. It is one of the favorable options to carry out energy-saving transformation of coal-fired boilers.


It is economically and technically feasible to transform small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers in operation to use biomass burners; it can effectively reduce SO2 emissions, and the flue gas can meet the national emission standards after dust removal. It has obvious environmental benefits; it can promote the development of renewable energy, and realize the comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry organic wastes with certain social and economic benefits.


Comparing the operating costs of the boilers fueled by biomass briquette fuel, coal, diesel and natural gas, the following results are obtained: natural gas > diesel > biomass > coal. Although the operating cost of using biomass burners in boilers is slightly higher than that of burning coal, considering that the SO2 produced by burning biomass has been greatly reduced, the cost of flue gas desulfurization can be reduced; on the other hand, coal, diesel, Natural gas and other fossil energy sources will gradually decline with the continuous growth of demand and large-scale exploitation, which will inevitably lead to rising prices, which will bring a certain economic burden. Comprehensive comparison of coal combustion, the transformation of oil-fired gas boilers into biomass burners has great economical competitive advantages. Haiqi’s environmentally friendly biomass burners and biomass gasifiers are environmental protection project equipment specializing in industrial energy use. There are very successful engineering and technical experience here that are worth reference.